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Beryl Aidi

Hello! I am Beryl Aidi. I am glad you’re here.

As a communication specialist, I am happy to have taken this step to start this niche campaign and communication consultancy that has been a long time coming.

Starting off in student mentorship with university students, I have a vast experience gained progressively from over 20 years in different communications fields including public relations, marketing, campaigning and advocacy.

I am the immediate former Regional Content Manager for Amnesty International’s Office for East Africa, the Horn and Great Lakes region, working as the public-facing communications lead for the research and advocacy campaigns.


Before joining Amnesty, I had worked for the Kenya Human Rights Commission, (KHRC) in the as the Media and Communications Program Advisor. The KHRC is a leading human right national level non-governmental organization (NGO) that works towards entrenching human rights and democratic values in Kenya.


Not only do I enjoy developing and implementing strategies, I value working collaboratively with colleagues, building partnerships and networking with other organizations, coalitions and groups. This has enabled me to represent the various organizations that I have worked various in national, regional and international forums, giving me exposure and networking opportunities.


What I like most about my work is that it brings the important underlying work of research and policy to life. That’s what Sunnyside is here for, to partner with large and small NGOs, IGOs down to grassroots community-based initiatives to make a difference.


Get in touch with us and let’s go to work.

About Sunnyside Communications

Making Your Vision a Reality

What is Sunnyside Communications? Sunnyside Communications is a communications and campaigns consultancy which provides advocacy, campaign and communication services to civil society groups, nonprofits and non-governmental as well as intergovernmental organizations and intuitions. Our focus is on social causes, human rights, social justice and public health.


We support our clients by partnering with them to develop effective communications through strategic ideation, visibility and action that deliver impact.

We work with our clients through strategy development, implementation, impact analysis and storytelling. This we do by working with them in communication and content strategy development, audience analysis, content production and distribution.


We approach every assignment from a project management cycle perspective working from planning through to impact evaluation and sharing impact stories.

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