Strategic Communications

Communication and Campaign Strategy Development


Sunnyside works with you as a client in developing strategic communication working with you from ideation on your communication goals and objectives to working on bespoke plans of action. Together we help you work on you campaign strategy working with you to identify the real issues your campaign wants to address, raise the profile of the issue, reach your the target and how to mobilize support to help you achieve your campaign objectives. Sunnyside can avail tailor made communication and campaign training for your team as well.

Digital Media Management

Content Creation and Curation

It is no secret that in the digital age, one needs an edge in digital communications. This is beyond just having social media accounts but leveraging the potential that digital communications provides like never before. For the first time the power to create and distribute content is directly in your hands. Sunnyside comes alongside to work with you in the creative sphere to create sharp content coupled with tactics that are audience specific and with a distribution and management plan to ensure you reach your target audience and achieve the results you want. 

Media Relations

Publicity forums and Media Relations

Nobody lights a candle and puts it under a bowl, it will go off, it won't shine. But like a city on a hill whose lights shine in the dark and is visible in the day, the impact of your work needs to shine and be elevated for visibility. Sunnyside works with you to identify the best publicity strategies including forums and media relations that can help your work, organization or institution gain much needed visibility in a very crowded public space. 

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